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Bench Dedication

The Carnell Russ Foundation (CRF) commemorates the Life & Legacy of Carnell Russ a Lincoln County Native, and victim of police injustice May 31, 1971 in a dedication Ceremony in the Star City Town Square, Saturday, May 29, 2021. The Carnell Russ Foundation's (a non-profit organization established in 2017) mission is: "To memorialize the life and legacy of Carnell Russ by connecting people and communities for the greatest good of humanity; to experience realistically a state of 'Community Unity', embrace differences, diversity, and offer a platform  for youth and adults to learn the rich multicultural history of Southeast Arkansas." 50 years later Carnell's contributions to his family, community, and nation is memorialized in the dedication of a memorial bench and a solar lantern (Unity) placed in the Square and Community Garden. Family, friends, and the Carnell Russ Branch NAACP gathered for the dedication ceremony. Mayor Carter offered words of gratitude for the invitation to the event.

Mrs. Clementine Russ, wife of Carnell Russ and 5 of his children were presented a commemorative plaque and memorial bench, by the Foundation's Board Chair, Mrs. Barbara Wilborn and the Board Financial Officer, Mr. Johnnie L. Parks Sr. Mrs. Russ and children performed the ribbon cutting during the memorial bench dedication.

"Injustice claimed Carnell Russ's life, however, love continues his legacy"
Leatrice Russ-Glenns

Christmas Fellowship
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