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Connecting, Commemorating, Celebrating Unity, September 30 & October 1, 2023, at Southwest Christian Academy, 11301 Geyer Springs Rd, Little Rock, AR 72209, unity begins with you and your support. Join the Carnell Russ Foundation (CRF) efforts in its annual 2023 “CommUNITY FESTIVAL.”


The 2023 Festival Committee’s goals are to extend the opportunity to community residents or entities to experience and embrace its differences and diversity in the festivities of this celebration of “CommUNITY.” In CommUNITY lies strength, growth, prosperity, inclusion, and unity.

As a participant you will receive a vast number of opportunities to learn and embrace the valuable rich history found in multicultural interactions. CRF invites entrepreneurs, organizations, merchants and Business sponsors to utilize this opportunity to showcase your business with an ad in the CRF Arkansas Business Showcase Magazine and the Festival’s marketing and media offerings, while showing your support of the diverse unity of your patrons." 


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