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Moving Communities Forward in Unity

His Life Mattered Then & Now:
Carnell Russ

The certainly upsetting details surrounding the death of George Floyd took me to a point in my life that somewhat mirrored Mr. Floyd's encounter and loss of life. 

Here, I share the story of my brother Carnell Russ.  We are still saying his name.


The Long Shadow of Carnell Russ' Death

Your support of The Carnell Russ Foundation will go towards the annual festival, community development, diversity programs, and the education of youth and young adults on embracing lives of all kinds. ALL LIVES MATTER - The Carnell Russ Foundation encourages ALL to participate, support and be a part of the forward movement towards to UNITY.

You can be a part of The Carnell Russ Foundation in many capacities!  You can be an event VOLUNTEER, a VENDOR, a PROJECT MANAGER, a SPONSOR and/or a SPEAKER. We welcome you in any capacity that you are interested in.

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The Carnell Russ Foundation (CRF) was formed in loving memory of Carnell Russ. A Proclamation Ceremony was held at the town square in Star City, AR in October 2011 as a memorial for his life, legacy, and contributions in Southeast Arkansas.  Read more

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